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Meet The Partners: Deep

Our caring and devoted Operation Manager Dip Jyoti Karki (Deep) will ensure you have a fantastic experience with us at Everest Cuisine. Deep was born and raised in Nepal and began his hospitality career by working for various restaurants in Singapore while pursuing his hospitality degree at the Columbia Business School there.

After his studies, Deep started working for Villa Bali Pvt. Ltd, one of the reputed resorts, bars, and Restaurants in Singapore. He held many positions at Villa Bali, quickly rising from Supervisor to Assistant Manager and then Restaurant Manager within 3 years. After working at Villa Bali for 3 years, Deep then moved to Dubai, hired by the Texas Road House. The Texas Road House specializes in steaks and promotes a Western theme.

While at Texas Road House, Deep received another offer from Lake Lanier Island in Atlanta, USA. He moved there and worked for 18 months before relocating to California. Now, Deep works as a Manager at Everest Cuisine, where he is also a co-owner.

Deep brings tremendous experience to Everest Cuisine, responsible for leading and managing restaurants as well as key responsibilities like restaurant marketing strategies, recruiting and hiring restaurant staff, training, overseeing food quality, developing menus, and more.

Dip Jyoti believes that operations are the backbone of any restaurant’s success. His key responsibilities include hiring and training staff, maintaining high standards of service, monitoring performance, and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations. He also handles vendor relationships, and inventory management as well as resolving any issues with suppliers or contractors. Under Dip Jyoti’s leadership, Everest Cuisine operates like a well-oiled machine, delivering a memorable dining experience to every customer.

At Everest Cuisine, Deep plays a pivotal role in building and managing its operations. He develops innovative strategies to improve the food quality, ambiance, and service, enhancing the overall dining experience. Deep also trains new staff on authentic Nepalese cuisine and service standards before deploying them to operational duties.

Dip Jyoti is passionate about delivering extraordinarily hospitable service and exceeding customer expectations. He aims to build loyalty by creating personalized experiences for each dining guest. Dip Jyoti supports initiatives that help staff develop stronger soft skills and gain exposure to different cuisines and service styles. He believes in continuously evolving systems and streamlining processes to improve quality, optimize costs and enhance overall efficiency.

Outside of work, Deep’s interests include traveling to explore new cultures, learning to cook diverse cuisines, gardening, and volunteering for local charities. He enjoys hosting dinner parties where friends can share conversations over home-cooked Nepalese meals. Deep also likes to read motivational and self-help books to gain new perspectives on life and business. Staying active in yoga and meditation helps him manage stress, gain clarity of thought, and foster gratitude.

Some key highlights of Dip Jyoti’s approach to hospitality and operations include:

  • Exceed customer expectations through hospitable service, personalized experiences, and problem-solving.
  • Build a team of passionate, skilled, and engaged staff by providing growth opportunities.
  • Create seamless systems and streamlined processes to improve quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Establish strong supplier relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual benefit.
  • Constantly evolve practices and mindsets to keep pace with trends, innovations, and a growing customer base.

Under Deep’s leadership, Everest Cuisine has expanded into a highly-rated restaurant, winning several awards and accolacies in the local food & beverage industry. Deep’s culinary expertise and passion for hospitality have been instrumental to Everest Cuisine’s success and reputation. Dynamic, dedicated, and detail-oriented, Deep is the ideal operations manager for Everest Cuisine. His vision, enthusiasm, and people-first approach inspire the team to provide exceptional service and memorable experiences to each guest. Deep’s contributions have helped establish Everest Cuisine as one of the premier Nepalese restaurants, fostering a warm and welcoming ambiance for everyone.


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