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Demystifying Common Indian Spices And Herbs Used At Everest Cuisine

Indian spices and herbs form the very soul of our cuisine here at Everest, infusing every dish with depths of flavor that delight even the most discerning of palates. We implement a full-hearted embrace of these aromatic allstars, utilizing them to unleash our expertise in Nepali and Indian culinary arts while going above and beyond for client satisfaction.

Let’s demystify some of the most versatile players in our spice rack:

Turmeric: The golden rhizome imparts not only an earthy warmth but also a punch of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory magic. We go all in with the haldi, judiciously dusting curries, dals, rice dishes, and veggie stir fries to unlock both gustatory delight and health benefits for our diners. We’ve found that a rounded teaspoon of ground turmeric per person is the ideal therapeutic yet tasty ratio.

Garlic and Ginger: This aromatic duo forms the backbone of our gravies, marinades, and snacks. Their contrasting flavors – garlic’s savory punch and ginger’s subtle sweet heat – complement a wide range of dishes when finely minced or grated. We go the extra mile, crushing garlic and grating fresh ginger for that maximum impact. There’s nothing quite like the authentic flavor of hand-minced garlic and ginger to transport diners straight to the bustling streets and bazaars of South Asia.

Coriander and Cumin: Toasted and ground fresh in-house, these seeds awaken the complex medley of flavors in lentils, veggies, and meats. A pinch is all that’s needed to transport dishes straight to the Indian kitchens of our foodie patrons’ fondest memories. We’ve found the ideal ratio is 2 parts coriander to 1 part cumin for maximum Indian flavor without overpowering other spices.

Chili Powder: Made from sun-dried chilies, it provides the perfect counter spice to tikkas, pakoras, and dosas, imparting just the right level of kick at a moment’s notice. The sprinkle of red adds a pop of spice that fairly screams ‘maximum client satisfaction!’ We implement just the right dash – enough for a hint of heat but not overwhelming – creating the ideal balance our diners love.

Mastering these fundamentals is key to Everest Cuisine’s inviting and innovative spirit. But it’s our willingness to constantly experiment, tease out new flavor combinations and push culinary boundaries that truly unlock our expertise. By incorporating the latest trending spices from the subcontinent while honoring time-honored Indian cooking techniques, we create haute cuisine that both engages traditionalists and invites those new to the tastes of South Asia. After all, spices are the carriers of culture, and it’s our duty as chefs to handle them with the care, respect, and culinary mastery they deserve.

So next time you visit Everest Cuisine, prepare for your senses to be engaged, invited, and ultimately amazed by South Asia’s spice-fueled riches, transformed into haute Nepali and Indian cuisine through passionate expertise, judicious balancing and an unwavering commitment to maximum Culinary Ecstasy!.


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